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Ski touring route in Hokkaido, Japan: Mount Tokashidake

Mount < span style="color: #374151;">Tokashidake is a volcano located in the Hokkaido region of Japan, which culminates at 2077 meters above sea level. It is a popular destination for ski touring enthusiasts due to its beautiful slopes and panoramic views of the surrounding region. Here is a recommended route for climbing Mount Tokashidakein ski touring.

Organise your ski touring stay.

Base Camp

Plan to stay in the Furano region to go ski touring Mount Tokashidake. Once you arrive, check into your accommodation and take the time to settle in, familiarize yourself with the surroundings, and study the current snow conditions. Practicing snow cuts, especially on northern slopes, is very instructive on the quality of the current snowpack.

Ski touring equipment

Before setting off on a ski tour, it is important to ensure that all equipment is in order. It is necessary to be equipped with suitable ski touring equipment including skins and climbing knives. Additionally, you will need safety equipment such as an avalanche victim detector (DVA), a shovel, a probe, and an avalanche backpack ABS type airbag® or Reactor ®.

You should also check the weather and avalanche conditions before leaving. By checking local forecasts or asking guides for advice, you can be sure of the weather.

Itineraries to do Mount Tokashi Dake on ski touring.

Climbing Mount Tokachi

The starting point for climbing Mount Tokachi is the parking lot at the end of the road that leads to the village of Kamifurano. Driving to Kamifurano is recommended, but local buses are also available. From the parking lot, it takes about 30 minutes to walk to the start of the ascent.

The ascent of Mt. Tokachi begins with a trek on skins through the forest, which takes about two hours. The slope is steady and the hike is pleasant. After leaving the forest, you will reach a large plain where you can admire the view of the surrounding mountains. It's a good place to take a break and take some photos.

The second part of the ascent consists of a series of conversions to ski touring through the snow-covered slope of Mount Tokachi. The slope is relatively gentle and regular, but it can be subject to avalanches. It is therefore important to remain vigilant, to distance yourself and to monitor the snow conditions.

The peaks of Mount Tokachi

After about three hours of climbing, you will reach the summit of Mount Tokachi. The view from the top is spectacular, offering 360 degree views of the surrounding mountains and the Sea of Okhotsk. It's a great place to take a break, warm up and take some pictures before starting the descent.

The descent of Mount Tokachi is a real pleasure for ski tourers. The slope is relatively gentle and even, offering plenty of opportunities for high-speed skiing through fresh snow. It is important to stay alert and monitor snow conditions. In particular, to avoid areas of hard snow or piles of snow that can cause avalanches.

Return to the starting point after a long and beautiful descent in the legendary local powder, nicknamed “Japow”.

What to do in après-ski?

Explorations of the Furano region

The following days can be spent exploring the Asahidake region. There are several interesting ski touring routes in the area, including climbing to the nearby mountains of Kurodake or Asahidake. You can also opt for a day of skiing on the Asahidake ski slopes. They offer a variety of slopes for skiers of all levels, or indeed on those of Furano.

Relaxation after skiing

After an intense day of skiing, head to one of the many onsens (hot baths) in the area to relax and rejuvenate.

When you return to Furano, you can continue your journey to other parts of Hokkaido or return to Sapporo. Be sure to take time to rest and relax while visiting Hokkaido before your return trip.

In general, it is highly recommended to be accompanied by a mountain professional. This professional can be a ski instructor specializing in off-piste or a mountain guide, for your off-piste ski trips.

Some structures offer services with professionals as you may need. They also organize ski trips to Japan on the island of Hokkaido. PowderWeGo, an agency specializing in off-piste skiing, heliskiing, ski-sailing and ski touring trips to the four corners of the world, is ideal for this kind of stay…

To reach this destination, you can find a guide to find out how to get to Nikeso. The guide can help you if you want to organize your trip alone. Otherwise, do not hesitate to get help from a travel agency to book and plan your itinerary.

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