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The Heliski Travels in Russia promoted by PowderWeGo, are developed and organized and commercialized by LES VOYAGEURS, under the commercial name Heliski-Russia.

The payements are made directly to LES VOYAGEURS. The contract is concluded between LES VOYAGEURS and the final customer.

   GENERAL CONDITIONS OF SALE LES VOYAGEURS (update April 30th 2020, subject to changes due to Covid-19)

Validation of the bank card number by the purchaser constitutes acceptance of the payment of the totality of the price corresponding to the order.

If the payment proves to be non-compliant, incomplete or inexistent for whatever reason and services are not paid for within the time limit, supply of these services and travel documents shall be sus- pended and any fees incurred shall be the responsibility of the indebted client.

Through its website the company LES VOYAGEURS provides an internet portal for its heli-ski trips and excursions.

The company has expertise in providing exceptional and outstan- ding skiing trips.

A team of professionals makes available their experience to customers, to ensure they enjoy a unique trip.

Specifically, the website enables the reservation and purchase of heli-ski trips and excursions.

The company LES VOYAGEURS is an intermediary between web- site users – clients wishing to undertake a heli-ski trip – and the different suppliers of listed offers: the reservation of services offe- red on the website implies acceptance of these general conditions of sale on the part of the client.

In the event of any inconsistency between the General Conditions of Sale and the product description provided to the client detailing special conditions concerning the trip chosen by the client, the provisions of the special conditions take precedence.

Certain offers listed on the website have an expiry date: the client is responsible for verifying this date. Furthermore, certain search engines sometimes continue to list old web pages containing out- of-date offers: the client should not take these offers into account.

The General Conditions of Sale have been drawn up in accordance with Articles L.211-1 et seq. of the French Code of Tourism which fixes the conditions relative to all activities concerning the organisa- tion and sale of trips and excursions, exclusive of the sale of seats on scheduled flights.

They also comply with the European regulations and international conventions concerning air transport.

The General Conditions of Sale are brought to the attention of the client prior to signature of the purchase contract and final booking of the client’s chosen heli-ski trip.

Prior to confirmation of a booking, the client also accepts the standard information regarding basic rights in accordance with European directive 2015/2302 transposed into the French Code of Tourism and available for consultation at the end of the General Conditions as well as by clicking here for package information and here for travel services information.

In its capacity as website publisher, the company LES VOYAGEURS may modify the contents of these General Conditions of Sale, which are up to date when published online and when consulted by the web user. The provisions detailed below cancel and replace all pre- vious information.


The client interested by a heli-ski trip proposed on our website should contact the company LES VOYAGEURS either by using the online contact form, by telephone or by email.

On reception of the request for information, the company LES VOYAGEURS will contact either the client or his representative by telephone or email to check on the skiing capabilities of the

client and to ensure that the heli-ski trip chosen is compatible with the client’s technical skill as a skier and previous similar trips made by the client.

However, the company LES VOYAGEURS cannot verify declarations made by the client and is discharged of all responsibility should the client prove not to have the requisite skiing skills and be unable to undertake the excursions, or feels obliged to interrupt the trip or be repatriated.

Directly after the telephone conversation or email exchange, to enable the client to proceed with his reservation, the Company LES VOYAGEURS will send the customer an email a including document with the following information:

– a description of the chosen holiday entitled «special conditions of sale» detailing the holiday, the date, the services included, any options, the price and services which are not provided and which remain the responsibility of the customer

– an estimate specifying the details of the service chosen by the client

– a declaration of my ski ability level (“sworn statement”)

– these General Conditions of Sale

By signing at the end of this document, the customer acknowledges having read the description of the chosen product, the terms and conditions of sale and accepts them in their entirety.

The quote becomes a contract which commits the customer.

The client does not have the right of withdrawal for tourism services bought online in accordance with Article 221-28 of the [French] Consumer Code.

A reservation request can only be validated, within the limit of the number of places available, after consultation with our service pro- vider and after reception of the aforementioned payment.

The client shall receive a confirmation email on behalf of the web- site and shall be invoiced by the company LES VOYAGEURS.

Once the quote is signed, LES VOYAGEURS will send the client a link in order to make the payment.

Upon receipt of payment, the company LES VOYAGEURS will send the customer an invoice as proof of payment, a booking confirma- tion and the «Travelers’ Booklet” which will include a description of the service and essential features concerning the organization and the implementation of the holiday.


The heli-ski trip and excursion descriptions (Special Conditions) specifically list what is included in the price.

Prices given are indivisible and any opt-out from services in- cluded in the package or any suspension of a trip made by the client (even in the event of hospitalisation or early repatriation) shall not result in a refund other than if covered by a specific insurance policy.

Prices indicated correspond to a one-person package and are quoted in Euros.

Prices include all services expressly stated in the trip description (Special Conditions).

Unless specifically stated in the trip contract, prices do not include fees for visas and passports, tips and diverse gratuities, personal expenses and optional baggage insurance, cancellation and assis- tance insurance, drinks, certain mandatory services such as local taxes or personal equipment.

The website declines all responsibility for personal purchases made in situ.


The client shall pay the cost of his trip by bank card or bank transfer via the payment link sent by email or WhatsApp under the following conditions:

– 50% on reservation, if this takes place more than 90 days be- fore departure

– 50%, namely the balance of the trip price, at the latest 90 days before the departure date without a reminder from us.

In the event of registration less than 30 days prior to departure date, the totality must be paid on registration. It is obligatory for the requested insurance to be paid on signature of the contract.

When validating the reservation, the purchaser guarantees the company LES VOYAGUERS of his financial solvency with regards to the bank card being used.

Validation of the bank card number by the purchaser constitutes acceptance of the payment of the totality of the price corresponding to the order.

If the payment proves to be non-compliant, incomplete or inexistent for whatever reason and services are not paid for within the time limit, supply of these services and travel documents shall be sus- pended and any fees incurred shall be the responsibility of the indebted client.


Modification at the client’s request:

Any request for programme changes concerning departure date, return date, number of flying-hours, hotels or room category which necessitate supplementary costs, shall be charged to the client.

In addition, any request for extra services not included in the ori- ginal programme shall be invoiced separately and charged to the client.

Cancellation at the client’s request:

Any request for cancellation on the part of the client must be made by registered post with acknowledgement of receipt, or by email with acknowledgement of receipt.

The date of reception by the company LES VOYAGEURS of the re- quest for cancellation establishes the method used to calculate the cancellation fees as follows:

– from reservation, up until 90 days before departure: 50% of the total cost of the trip

– from 89 days or less from the departure date of your trip: 100% of the total cost of the trip

– insurance benefits are not eligible for any refunds.

Any voluntary termination of the trip on the part of the client shall not give rise to a right to reimbursement. The same goes for any exclusion at the discretion of the trip management concerning an insufficient level of skiing ability or non-respect of security guide- lines on the part of the client.

It is however possible for a client obliged to cancel his trip at least 30 days prior to departure date, to propose to the company LES VOYAGEURS, another person to replace the client, provided that this person fulfils the same conditions as the original client in terms of skiing skill and that no other reservation has yet been made in the original client’s own name.

This request for substitution being of an exceptional nature must be made by the client by email with acknowledgement of receipt.

The sum of 150 € will be retained however, in order to cover administrative expenses.

Cancellation at the request of the company LES VOYAGEURS:

In the case of force majeure, or if there are insufficient participants (see minimum numbers noted in the description of your chosen trip), the company LES VOYAGEURS reserves the right to cancel the trip without being held liable.

Force majeure covers all events beyond the control of the parties which is of an unpredictable and insurmountable nature which prevents the travellers, the agency or the service providers in- volved in the implementation of the trip, from carrying out all or part of the contractually scheduled commitments. We shall not be held liable if services contracted by us to organise or carry out for clients within the terms of their heli-ski trip/excursion, either cannot be carried out or achieved under the promised conditions for reasons totally beyond our control, or for reasons falling within force majeure, even in the event of our having taken all reasonable precautions. The events in question include war and threat of war, terrorist acts or threat of such acts, riots or social unrest, strikes, natural or nuclear disasters, fires, poor weather conditions, risks of epidemics, mechanical problems (which cannot be foreseen despite frequent technical testing) and other events of this nature which exceed our sphere of influence.

However, the company LES VOYAGEURS shall propose alternative solutions at current rates or offer a full refund of sums paid. The client shall be informed at least 21 days before the departure date. Absolutely no compensation payment shall be made.

If any flying hours are cancelled for reasons of force majeure or poor weather conditions, or in consequence of a local situation presenting a risk in situ and beyond our control, missed flying hours shall be reimbursed as per the detailed description of your trip (no full refund).

Modifications during the trip:

The company, acting as intermediary between the client on the one hand and the service providers on the other, shall not be confused with the latter who, in all events, are responsible for their services.

The company LES VOYAGEURS, shall do everything possible to replace certain services which may be cancelled by its partners, with equivalent services. As already indicated, the company LES VOYAGEURS may, if circumstances dictate, be led to substitute one means of transport with another, one hotel with another wit- hout these exceptional modifications giving rise to any compen- sation. The purchaser may not refuse these modifications without a valid reason.

Exceptional cases concerning flying hours (supplementary pur- chase/reimbursement): The client acknowledges having noted the number of hours included in the description of his chosen trip.

It is possible, conditions permitting, for the client to request sup- plementary flying hours in addition to his package, at the tariff indicated in the description of the trip.


The company LES VOYAGEURS, is the holder of legal and admi- nistrative permits issued by the appropriate French authorities, guaranteeing clients the correct execution of services purchased.

The agency and the service providers are responsible for the correct implementation of services specified and shall help any traveller in difficulty.

Should the company’s legal liability be engaged due service pro- vider error, the limits of compensation, as established by interna- tional conventions in accordance with Article L.211-17-IV of the [French]Tourism Code, shall be applied; failing this and unless there is physical injury, damage caused intentionally or through negligence, monetary damages are limited to three times the total price of the trip or excursion.

All our service providers are covered by civil liability insurance in accordance with current law and adhere to the General Condi- tions recommended by the authorities. Any delay in arrival for an excursion must be reported to the management of the site of the client’s accommodation and may incur the service being taken over by the local representative of the technical organiser. In this event the client alone shall be liable. For a specific trip or excursion, it is necessary to consult the Special Conditions pro- vided by the company LES VOYAGEURS as these contain details of times, itineraries, modifications, registration and conditions of cancellation.

It is stressed that the sports of heli-skiing, skiing and mountainee- ring are risk-associated activities, each participant must follow the advice and safety briefing given by the accompanying guide.

Heli-skiing takes place in untouched, wild areas. The ski slopes are neither secured nor maintained and it is stated that partici- pants must have a good level of skiing skill in all snow conditions and must be capable of skiing on all terrains. A high level of phy- sical fitness is also mandatory and the company LES VOYAGEURS, cannot stress sufficiently to its clientele the necessity of regular physical training before the trip in order to obtain the maximum benefit from the experience.

It is imperative to use quality equipment in good working order as described in the list of skiing gear issued. It is also recommended that clients service their equipment before the departure date. Repair and replacement of faulty equipment can prove extremely problematic in remote areas.

The company LES VOYAGEURS shall not be held responsible for incidents, accidents, or physical damage resulting from rash per- sonal actions on the part of a client.

It is, therefore, noted that the supervisor shall retain the possibi- lity of modifying the programme depending on the weather and conditions on the mountain, the physical form of the participants and their technical capabilities.

The supervisor may also cancel an excursion in the case of poor skiing ability of a client which could present a security risk either to the person themselves or to other participants.

If technical skill level or physical fitness are insufficient, the 

supervisors retain the option asking a participant to stay at the hotel for one or more days for their own safety and that of other group members. In this event, no reimbursement shall be made.


For all trips the participants must be in possession of the man- datory documents required for entry into the destination country and for passing through stopover countries: valid passport or national identity card, parental authorisation, family record book, visa etc.

Information relating to the various formalities required when pla- cing the order for a trip only concerns persons of French nationa- lity. We suggest you consult the website: http://www.diplomatie. as well as (French Ministry of Health) to determine which formalities are necessary. We suggest foreign nationals check with the relevant authorities (consulate, embassy) to discover which terms and conditions for visits apply for their chosen destination and pos- sible stopovers, and to check the validity of their documentation and vaccinations.

It is also noted that certain countries, in addition to a potential visa requirement, insist that a passport be valid for at least six months after the return date from the trip, that the visitor has a return or onward ticket and sufficient funds.

Concerning French nationals: since 1st January 2014, the validity of the CNI (National Identity Card) has been extended by five years. (N.b. this prolongation of validity only concerns adults; children/ minors are excluded from this legislation.)

In other words:

– New identity cards issued since 01/01/2014 are valid for 15 years

– New format laminated Identity Cards issued between 02/01/2004 and 31/12/2013 are automatically valid for 15 years with no action necessary on the part of the holder.

– Identity Cards issued to children/minors before or after 01/01/2014 are and shall only be valid for ten years.

To the extent that this decision to prolong the validity of National Identity Cards does not incur any substantial modification to the cards, the French authorities have created, for countries accepting identity cards as valid travel documents, a standard official cer- tification in three languages (French, English and the destination country’s language) which can be downloaded from the Foreign Affairs Ministry website ( section “Conseil aux voyageurs”) [“Advice to Travellers”].

However certain countries which accept identity cards as travel do- cuments still do not recognise this official action prolonging validity, notwithstanding the standard certification cited above. Therefore, the Ministry highly recommends that to avoid all possible problems it is preferable to use a valid passport rather than an out-of-date National Identity Card (even if this document is considered valid by the French authorities.)

Unaccompanied minors and their legal representative are once more required, since 15/01/2017, to be in possession of an exit permit (AST –Autorisation de Sortie du Territoire). This document has a specific format (Cerfa form n°15646*01 available to down- load on the website

Only the signature of a person with parental authority is required. The exit permit cannot exceed one year in duration. It does not re- move the obligation for the minor to be in possession of his National Identity Card or passport (in addition to a signed copy of the identity document of the exit permit signee) and also to carry the necessary visas depending on the destination country. Therefore, it is recom- mended that information be sought in advance concerning required documents for destination countries, by consulting fact sheets for these countries on the website

Also, if a child is travelling with only one parent, certain countries may request proof that the other parent authorises the trip. For all destinations requiring a passport, a minor of whatever age must be in possession of his own passport.

It is imperative (spouse, child) that the name appearing on the passport or the identity document is identical to the name in which the order was made and in which the various travel documents have been issued.

The user shall in all cases be liable for all costs regarding the com- pletion of formalities. Fees covering issue of passports, visas and other travel documents (tickets or repurchase of tickets) shall not under any circumstances be refunded.

Completion of the necessary formalities is the client’s responsi- bility and they must ensure they are aware of any possible inte- rim changes before their departure. The trip cannot under any circumstances be refunded if the client is unable to present the 

requisite valid documents (passport, visa...) and finds themsel- ves unable to leave on the specified date, or to enter a country of destination or stopover. Associated fees remain the client’s responsibility.

Passport / Visa:

The client shall verify that he is in possession of a passport valid for six months after the return date and with at least two free pages for the mandatory Russian entry visa.

The company LES VOYAGEURS shall supply the client with an in- vitation/voucher necessary for the completion of formalities per- taining to the visa request which it is the client is responsible for undertaking. The invitation/voucher shall only be issued on request, in exchange for a photocopy of the client’s passport and once the totality of the trip costs have been paid.

Clients are reminded that for all requests for Russian visas, a va- lid certificate of medical – assistance – repatriation – civil liability insurance is required. This certificate must be sent to Russian consular services or to the client’s visa agency. The certificate must correspond to the dates of entry and departure from Russian territory.

We advise clients to take into consideration the timescale for pro- cessing the application.

Police formalities: The client shall comply with police and health formalities. Information is supplied for reference purposes only and shall not engage the company’s liability. Non-respect of these regulations shall involve only the liability of the client who shall be responsible for any fees incurred.


The client declares that he has proper civil liability insurance. The client may take out individual insurance, for instance such as is proposed on the service provider.

The service provider shall not be liable in the event of direct or incidental damage of whatever kind being caused by the client to one or more other trip participants, third parties or organisers, notably:

– Accidents caused to people or property

– Blows or injuries which clients may cause to themselves or others.

Likewise, the service provider shall not be held liable for any da- mage, direct or indirect of whatever nature, which may affect ar- ticles or equipment belonging to participants or loaned to them by the service provider.

Accordingly, the service provider cannot be held liable for theft or loss of money and valuables belonging to the client occurring during the trip or an outing regardless of where the property was stored, unless it was entrusted to the service provider’s locker service.

A client who has suffered direct or indirect physical injury or a direct or indirect tangible or intangible loss (injury, accident, theft etc.) during the trip, cannot hold the service provider liable if the latter has put in place all necessary measures to ensure the security of clients.

The company LES VOYAGEURS advises the client to subscribe to insurance covering cancellation fees – loss or theft of baggage and trip suspension – even if this is not mandatory.

Lastly, the client is reminded that he should be covered for repa- triation and search and assistance services if he is to participate in our trips. This insurance must include the following guarantees:

– Be applicable for trips to Russia, notably covering the specific features required by Russian consular services:

– Cover recreational sports and skiing in all its forms.

It is the client’s responsibility before registration to check for which risks they are already covered.

The client should send his certificate of insurance by email to the company LES VOYAGEURS at least 90 days before departure date, giving details of the maximum sums for which he is covered with regard to fees for evacuation and repatriation.

The company Les Voyageurs offers a multi-sports insurance with the company GBC Montagne providing for:

– Repatriationassistancecoverage,24hoursaday,7daysaweek

– Insurance coverage for emergency search services

– Insurance coverage for accidents

If the client wishes to subscribe to one or both of the insurance poli- cies proposed by the company LES VOYAGEURS, he should forward by email a copy of his airplane tickets to LES VOYAGEURS for the subscription to be carried out within the time limit, as explained in the trip description.


On excursion days, the client is invited to arrive promptly at the times and places indicated in the trip description.


It should be noted that any equipment which may be loaned by the company LES VOYAGEURS remains said company’s property.


By registering for excursions and accepting these General Condi- tions of Sale, the client acknowledges and agrees to respect all rules governing any sport or recreational activity in which he in- tends to participate, as well as to abide by rules of general courtesy between participants.

Generally, the client agrees to comply with sporting values such as tolerance and fair-play.

Any participant whose behaviour is judged inadequate may be ex- cluded, particularly if his attitude puts other participants in danger.


The service provider uses personal data processing.

The legal basis for the processing of personal data is as follows:

• Justified interest on the part of the service provider for purpo- ses of:

– management of client relations and prospective customers;

– Organisation, registration and invitations to trips and excursions.

• Carrying out pre-contractual and contractual operations with the intention of:

– creating, managing and monitoring client files. – Recovery of funds.

• Respect of legal and regulatory obligations when processing data to:

– Prevent money laundering, the funding of terrorism and to assist in the fight against corruption.

– Issue invoices.

– Maintain accounts.

The service provider keeps personal data only as long as neces- sary for the purposes for which it was collected and in respect of applicable legislation.

Client personal data is kept for the duration of contractual rela- tions plus three years for purposes of organisation and prospection without prejudice to retention obligations or prescription periods. For the prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism, personal data is kept for five years after the end of contractual relations with the service provider. For accounting purposes this information is kept for ten years from the signing-off of the related accounts.

Personal data of web prospectors is kept for three years if no parti- cipation or registration is made for events organised by the service providers.

Personal data is destined for use by persons authorised by the ser- vice provider as well as the latter’s partners.

Under conditions defined by data protection and freedom of information law and European legislation on data protection, natural persons have a right of access to all stored personal information and to correction, inquiry, restriction, data portability and deletion.

Persons concerned by use of their personal data also have the right to oppose use of this data at any time for reasons affecting their personal circumstances or for legal reasons in respect of their pro- fessional situation, as well as a right of opposition to commercial prospecting.

Natural persons also have the right to define the general and specific directives governing use of their personal data in the way they wish after their death by addressing an email to: contact@ with a signed copy of an identity document.

Persons concerned have the right to make a claim by contacting the Cnil. [Commission national de l’informatique et des libertés – a French national commission for data protection and freedom of information]


Review of claims documents concerns solely the contractual ele- ments of a reservation.

Any fault in the execution of a contract must be established in situ, reported and validated as soon as possible in writing by the client to the service provider concerned, as well as to the company LES VOYAGEURS or its representative.

The client should report all non-compliances in situ within the shortest possible delay taking into consideration the circumstances of the case. For this reason, the company LES VOYAGEURS re- commends that clients report and have verified in situ, in writing and in the presence of a local representative, any failure in the execution of a contract. Failure to report a non-compliance in situ could influence the amount of possible monetary damages or price reduction due (where applicable) if the reporting of the problem without delay could have avoided or limited loss to the client.

All claims relating to a trip must be addressed to LES VOYAGEURS by registered post with acknowledgement of receipt within one month of the return date, to the following address: LES VOYA- GERUS, Service Client, 11 route du Village Argentière, 74400 CHA- MONIX MONT BLANC.

Response time may vary from one to two months depending on the length of time necessary for our service provider enquiry. Any correspondence which is not accompanied by material proof will not be followed up.

Online litigation payments:

In the event of an online sale on our website and in accordance with the EU regulation N°524/2013 of the European Parliament and Council of Ministers, the client has the possibility to appeal to the hub available on the website for litigation resolution.


The company LES VOYAGEURS and its partners do their best to supply photos and illustrations giving a correct impression of the services proposed.

It should be remembered that changes can occur between the date when photographs were taken or illustrations made and the date of the website user’s trip.

In the event of a court referral the competent authority is BONNEVILLE Court of First Instance; the applicable law is French law



Distance selling regulations ([French] Consumer Code) allow a delay of fourteen days for retraction and exchange or refund. However, the recent Article L.221-28 12° of the [French] Consumer Code stipulates that the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised for contacts covering “hosting services other than residential hosting, services covering transport of goods, car rental, catering or leisure activities, which are to be supplied on a given date or within a pre-defined period”.

Thus, in accordance with Article l.221-28 12° of the [French] Consumer Code, the web user having reserved or ordered at a dis- tance (by telephone or via the internet) a service from the company LES VOYAGEURS, does not have the right of withdrawal.


By browsing on our website the user accepts the use of cookies. A cookie does not allow us to identify you. Broadly speaking it registers information relating to browsing by your computer on our website (pages you may have visited, dates and times of visits etc.) which we can see when you make follow-up visits.

In this particular case, cookies contain information which the web user supplies. Thus, the user does not need, when making further visits to our site, to fill out forms again which have previously been proposed by ourselves. The length of time for which this infor- mation is retained in the web user’s computer is fifteen minutes.


Conditions of sale are subject to French law. All litigation relating to interpretation and/or execution of this law falls within French ju- risdiction. The client may bring the case to a territorially competent court, choosing between the jurisdiction of their place of residence when the contract was concluded or when the claim arose.


The combination of travel services proposed is a package under the terms of the EU directive 2015/2302 and Article L.211-2 II of the [French] Tourism Code. The client therefore benefits from all rights granted by the European Union applicable to packages and which are transposed into the [French]sw Tourism Code.

The company LES VOYAGERUS is fully responsible for the correct execution of the package arrangements as a whole. In addition, as required by law, the company LES VOIYAGEURS is insured for purposes of refunding clients’ payments and, if transport is included in the package, to ensure clients’ repatriation in the event of the company becoming insolvent. For further information concerning basic rights according to the EU directive 2015/2302, please see below.

Basic rights under the EU directive 2015/2302 transposed into the [French] Tourism Code: The client shall receive all essential information concerning his chosen package before concluding the package tour contract. The organiser, as well as the retailer, are responsible for the correct execution of all the travel services in- cluded in the contract. Travellers are supplied with an emergency telephone number or the number of a contact person so they can be in touch with the organiser or retailer. The client may transfer his package to another person if reasonable notice is provided, this change may be subject to supplementary fees. The package price may only be raised if there is an increase in specific costs (e.g. fuel prices) and if this eventuality is written into the original contract; under no circumstances may it be modified less than twenty-eight days prior to the start of the tour package arrangement. If the price increase exceeds 8% of the package price, the client has the right to terminate the contract. If the organiser reserves the right to increase the price, the client has a right to a price reduction in the event of a decrease in corresponding costs. The client may termi- nate the contract without paying settlement fees and be completely refunded for payments already made if one of the essential parts of the package, other than the price, undergoes a significant modi- fication. If, before the commencement of the tour package arran- gement the professional responsible for the package cancels it, the client has the right to receive a refund and damages if applicable. The client may terminate the contract without paying settlement fees before the beginning of the tour under exceptional circums- tances, for example if there are serious security problems at the destination which are likely to affect the package arrangements. Furthermore, the client may at any moment before commencement of the tour package, terminate the contract for a settlement fee which is appropriate and justifiable. If, after the commencement of the package, there are significant elements of the contract which cannot be met as foreseen, other appropriate services must be proposed to the client without a price supplement. The client may terminate the contract without paying settlement fees when ser- vices are not implemented in accordance with the contract, when this significantly disturbs execution of the tour package and the organiser does not find a solution to the problem. The client also has the right to a price reduction and/or damages in the case of breach of services or poor execution of same. The organiser or the retailer must assist a client in difficulty. If the organiser or retailer becomes insolvent after the beginning of the package arrange- ment, the sums paid by the client will be refunded. If the organiser or retailer becomes insolvent after the beginning the beginning of the package arrangement and if transport costs are included in the package, repatriation of clients is guaranteed.

EU Directive 2015/2302 transposed to French law.;jsessionid=B- 6B56671A... B08A2.tplgfr21s_1?idArticle=LEGIARTI000036242695&- cidTexte=LEGITEXT000006074073&categorieLien =id&date- Texte=20180701

Website address for French Tourism Code: GITEXT00000607473&dateText=20180705

SASU LES VOYAGEURS (au capital de social de 15 000€) /// 11, route du Village - Argentière - 74400 CHAMONIX MONT-BLANC /// SIRET : 840 998 314 00016 /// n° TVA intra communautaire : FR840 998 314 00016 /// Immatriculation au R.C.S Annecy : 840 998 314 /// Code APE 7911Z /// Immatriculé au registre des opérateurs de voyages et de séjours sous le numéro suivant : IM074180015 /// Garantie financière est apportée par : APST, 15 avenue Carnot, 75017 Paris, France /// RCP : Hiscox Europe Underwriting LTD, 1 Great Saint Helen’s, EC3A 6HX, London, United Kingdom.

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