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1 - Powderwego® is a trademark of Mr Boris Malesset, practicing the profession of independent ski instructor specialized off-piste.

Mr Boris Malesset practices as a liberal profession. It is registered with INSEE under the following trade registration number: 487 751 646


2 - As a mountain professional, Mr Boris Malesset is insured with Diot Montagne in Bourg-Saint-Maurice, under the following policy number: AR774834


3 - Boris Malesset hires his ABS® avalanche airbags (or similar systems) backpacks, at a price of € 30 a day.

For each ABS® airbag rented, a deposit check of 350 € will be requested, upon presentation of an official and valid identity document.


4 - The ABS® airbags in rental are completely revised by a professional each season.

They are also completely overhauled by a professional each time the airbag system is triggered.

They are opened and visually checked by Powderwego® before each rental.


5- ABS® airbags are rented empty by default. On request, Powderwego® can add a shovel, a probe, a first aid kit including pads and survival blanket, and a DVA. We make this on your request (in advance) in this case. All of this equipment is required in the practice of off-piste.


5 - No training in mountain safety, in the event of an avalanche, or in the use of bags, is included in the rental price of 30 € per day.

Powderwego® can offer, in addition to the rental of ABS, training and briefing in safety and intervention in the event of an avalanche. 

For prices please consult us.


6 - The practice of off-piste skiing and snowboarding involves risks which can go as far as the death of the practitioners. Even using all the existing security equipment.

Powderwego® recommends that you practice off-piste only accompanied by a qualified mountain professional.


7 - Powderwego® offers to supervise you off-piste. Within the framework of Powderwego® off-piste sessions, the discount granted on the rental of ABS® is 100%. For prices please consult us, or check the Val-d'Isère Off-piste skiing page on this website.


8 - Powderwego® disclaims all responsibility for the use which will be made of its ABS® bags and its safety equipment, outside the framework of an off-piste frame purchased from Powderwego®. The consequences of improper use and / or burial under an avalanche are the sole responsibility of the customers who rented this equipment.


9 - Any activation of the airbag security system will be invoiced at € 50 (per bag and per activation). 

Any damage  to the equipment will be charge, up to the value of replacement if necessary. any loss or theft will be invoiced at the replacement value of the new equipment.


10 - For any litigation, the court declared competent will be that of Créteil (Val-de-Marne, France).

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