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What is my off-piste skiing level ?

Dernière mise à jour : 17 août 2020

1- Off-piste rookie / introduction

I have never skied off-piste.

Wether i am 10 years old and good skier on piste, or adult and intermediate+ skier on piste without any experience off-piste, the best part of skiing is to come. You can start off-piste skiing from now.

Virgin fields of snow, forest runs through the trees, backcountry adventures, ski touring, ski-mountaineering, Heli-skiing from the top of the Japanese or Russian volcanoes, Sailing and skiing in Norway, in Svalbard or in Greenland... Let the adventure commence.


2- Off-piste intermediate

You have a little bit of experience, enough to feel comfortable on easy runs.

You still struggle on tricky bits, on difficult snow and on steep places.

You can do at least 10 turns in a row in deep snow when it is good and light.

Anyway the hardest part is behind you now, and you are about to be able to start the most fun part.

Ski touring, adventure backcountry skiing,

Heli-skiing... The big fun is for now !


3- Off-piste advanced

You are a good and experienced off-piste skier.

You can ski down more or less anything as far as it is not too extreme.

Making 30 turns and more in a row in powder is OK for you.

Only the very steep / narrow bits can be difficult for you. You may struggle a bit when the snow is icy or difficult to ski on.

Good news, you are ready for ski travels !

You can join the adventure right now.


4- Off-piste expert

You have a big experience in any kind of backcountry skiing terrain.

You can more or less go down anything with having fun.

Ski touring, deep powder, ski-mountaineering, Heli-skiing, travels to adventure destinations... This is what is on the menu for you.

Make your choice, our staff is ready to go.

Make your choice on our list, or contact us for Taylor-made offers.


And make the great experience of travelling and skiing with PowderWeGo ski travels agency to the best off-piste skiing destinations, such as Hokkaido - Japan, Lofoten -Norway, Bodø Alps - Norway, Kamchatka - Russia, Val-d'Isère, and even many more worldwide luxury ski destinations...

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