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Welcome home ! Let's start skiing & having fun together.

Updated: Nov 5, 2022

Skiing. It is so fun and trendy.

However, human-being practice it since over 15 000 years. Since the Stone Age people use to to travel on skis, pass the mountains, go down the slopes to move on snow.

Our modern technologies and knowledge gave us the opportunity to turn an ancestral practice into the most exciting and entertaining activity ever. Deep into the wild nature. Connected straight to the climate changes, and to the consequences of our European way of life.

This unique practice, this entire way of life, connects us more than anything else to our contemporary times, and to the consequences of our lifestyle.

Getting closer to understanding these interactions is part of the solution for us all to overcome climate problems and pave the way for our future generations.

Let's hope. Let's love. Let's ski.



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Let's keep in touch !

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