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10 days travel / 6 days touring skiing (April to mid-November)

Do you dream of an extraordinary adventure in the white expanses of the Arctic region? PowderWeGo has prepared an exceptional one week Greenland touring skiing holiday for you, in the heart of the wilderness between Maniitsoq and the majestic Eternity Fjord. Aboard a comfortable vessel specially designed for polar cruises, the successive daily itineraries will enable you to discover spectacular landscapes that have barely been touched by civilization.


Skiing in Greenland
 4 950€*


Maniistok, Greenland

6 pax

Ascents +1,400m

Skiing / sailing

Unforgettable experience

Personalize this trip

Or contact us +33 6 51 66 58 53


  • our great boat mobility to reach the best places

  • skiing in the polar region

  • wild nature

  • the great outdoors

  • evenings on board

Would you like to ski in Denmark in a different way? Discover touring skiing in Greenland

The world's largest island, measuring four times the size of France for only 57,000 inhabitants, Greenland has 80% of its surface area permanently covered in ice. The ice cap is 2 km thick on average and can reach up to 3 km. It is bordered by mountain landscapes, culminating at 3700 m (Gunnbjørn Fjeld) between which glaciers flow. You will enjoy the hypnotic spectacle of icebergs breaking off and being carried offshore by the currents.

The first stop on your Greenland ski trip is the Inuit town of Maniitsoq on the south-west coast. It nestles at the mouth of a fjord surrounded by steep high mountains. When the harbour is ice-free from April onwards, you may be lucky enough to see whales offshore. This small port will be the starting point of your journey. We will help you discover the magic of the Great North through itineraries selected by our team of touring skiing and backcountry skiing professionals.

From Maniitsoq, we sail north to Kekertamiut and then to Timerdlit at the mouth of the Eternity Fjord. We will gradually sail up over several days in search of the best slopes and the best snow. From the boat, a panorama of islands, fjords, impressive glaciers and massive icebergs unfolds, as well as a few peaks over 2000 m high plunging directly into the sea.


The climbs start at sea level and continue for an average of 800 to 1,300 metres. After your day of <strong>touring skiing</strong> on light, virgin snow slopes in the <strong>spectacular Greenlandic landscape</strong>, you will return to the coastline, where the inflatable will ferry us to the yacht. This will be followed by a time of relaxation before the delicious dinner prepared by the chef. In the meantime, the vessel will raise the anchor to take us to the next stop.

PowderWeGo is made up of high mountain professionals, experts in backcountry skiing. We have a perfect knowledge of the terrain and snow and very precise requirements in terms of comfort and safety.

Our team is at your disposal to offer you the best touring skiing services during your stay in Greenland and two high mountain guides will accompany you throughout the trip. Our package allows for itineraries adapted to your desires and your level. 


If you need more details, we will reply within 24 hours to any questions you may have about this touring skiing trip in Greenland. We will provide a quote for a customised holiday based on your backcountry skiing level and your expectations.  

Our strengths: 

  • Our knowledge of the terrain and high mountains

  • Our 22 years of experience in backcountry skiing and touring skiing

  • Our top-of-the-range and tailor-made packages

  • Our concern for nature and safety conditions

You will enjoy: 

  • The quality and fineness of the powder snow

  • The beauty and variety of the routes

  • Spectacular polar panoramas

  • The authentic charm of Inuit culture



Day 1 :Meeting in Copenhagen at the end of the day, dinner and overnight at the hotel.

Days 2:Flight Copenhagen - Maniitsoq (9 a.m. - 2:10 p.m.). Embarkation on the boat and dinner on board 

Day 3 to Day 8:Sailing to Eternity Fjord. 
Sailing along the coasts to the north in this isolated region, we will do 6 days of ski touring from different starting points. Routes are chosen each morning based on weather, sea ice, snow conditions and skier fitness and desires. Elevation from 800 to 1300 m, 3 to 6 hours of walking per day. 

Days 9:Disembarkation, transfer to the airport and flight Maniitsoq - Copenhagen (8:25 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.). Dinner and night in a hotel in Copenhagen. 

Day 10:Departure after breakfast in Copenhagen, returning to your origin airports. 

Appointment :in Copenhagen at the end of the day at the hotel (the details of which will be given to you later) for dinner and spending the night. Flight the next morning early to Maniitsoq. 

Return :next week. Flight Maniitsoq-Kangerlussuaq-Copenhagen in the morning. Arrival in Copenhagen in the evening. Dinner and night in town, separation after breakfast. Feel free to contact us for more flight details. 


This program is indicative and may be modified depending on the snow conditions and the weather, the level and the wishes of the group, in order to ensure the safety and pleasure of all. The accompanying guide is the sole judge in the matter. 

Number of travel days: 8

Number of ski days: 6

Technical level: 3/5 experience of ski touring and off-piste skiing in deep snow.

Physical level: 3/5 capable of moderate effort for several hours.

Number of participants: maximum 3 groups of 6 people + 3 guides.

Price:  €4,950.00 */ person excluding flights.

Count around €1,200.00 for the Copenhagen-Maniitsoq flights with Air Greenland (which we can take for you) and around €150 for the flight to Copenhagen from the main European cities.

Payment: €3,000.00 deposit on booking + price of the Copenhagen - Maniitsoq flight, balance no later than 3 months before departure. Payments by bank transfer or credit card.

Our package includes for this freeride ski holiday in Japan:

For a group of 6 people and 1 guide (possibility of up to 3 groups)

  • Supervision of the stay by a Powderwego professional

  • Safety Packs (ABS® Airbag backpack or equivalent, DVA, shovel, probe, mountain harness, pharmacy) 

  • 7 nights on board in cabin for 2 people to share full board (dinner, breakfast, picnic lunch, snack on return from the hike), 

  • Minibus transfer from the airport

Our formula does not include: 

  • Return flight to Copenhagen, nights at the hotel in Copenhagen

  • Return flights to Maniitsoq, excess baggage charges.

  • Ski touring outfit and equipment: suitable clothing, poles with large washers, skis with touring bindings, skins, climbing knives. Do not hesitate to contact us in case of questions or difficulties in finding this kit. 

  • Personal consumption at the bar on the boat, food and racing drinks that you will need to bring during the day (dried fruit, cereal bars, chocolate, energy bars and drinks, etc.), 

  • Dinners in Copenhagen, personal consumption on land

  • Cancellation and research-assistance-repatriation insurance. 

  • Any additional costs resulting from a modification of the program in agreement with the participants, due among other things to meteorological reasons or insufficient level of the group.

Contact us for more informations.

Level required for this stay:

  • Level 2/5 skiers. For experienced walkers and good skiers, in physical shape.

  • Off-piste skiing level: 3/5

  • Physical level: 3/5

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