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Ski touring in Norway: Mount Geitgallien

The Lofoten Islands in Norway are a popular destination for ski touring enthusiasts, thanks to their magnificent mountain scenery. One of the most popular peaks is Mount Geitgallien, which offers breathtaking panoramic views of the surrounding islands. It is the highest and most alpine peak to ski in the archipelago.

Plan your ski touring holiday.

For the ascent of Mount Geitgallien, it is important to be well prepared to ensure the safety and success of the expedition. You need to be ready both physically and mentally to see the expedition through. It may sometimes seem long and tiring, but you'll make it! Despite the difficulties that may be encountered, the view will leave you breathless and you'll take away many memories from the experience!

Equipment for ski touring

We recommend that you have suitable ski touring equipment. D'un équipement de sécurité tel qu'un détecteur de victimes d'avalanche (DVA). So that a probe, and a sac-à-dos avalanche airbag type ABS® or Réactor®.

It's also important to check the weather and avalanche conditions before you set off. You can do this by consulting local forecasts or by asking guides for advice.

Ski touring on Mont Geitgallien.

The route up Mount Geitgallien begins in the village of Kabelvåg, near Svlvær. Here you can hire ski touring equipment and obtain detailed maps of the area.

From here, take the E10 north-east towards Sortland. Then follow the signs to the Storvågan car park.

The hiking trail starts at the Storvågan car park and follows a cross-country ski track to the base of the mountain.

From here, follow the path to the pass between Mount Geitgallien and Mount Offersøykammen. Follow the red and white markings on the rocks. The path is steep and sometimes craggy, but it also offers spectacular views of the coast and surrounding mountains.

Once you reach the pass, follow the edge of the mountain towards the ridge of Mont Geitgallien. This part of the climb is more technical and requires a good knowledge of ski touring techniques. We recommend using crampons and ice axes to avoid slipping on the snow and ice and reach the summit!

The ridge of Mount Geitgallien offers breathtaking views of the Lofoten Islands and the Norwegian Sea. You can take a break here to enjoy the view and rest before the descent.

There are three routes down Mount Geitgallien:

You can take the same route as on the outward journey.

Either via the magnificent southern couloir that can be seen on the right as you climb 200m or so to the summit.

Or by a final route that follows the north side of the mountain and ends up on south/west facing slopes. This route is less steep than the one up. However, it also requires a good knowledge of the terrain and ski touring techniques.

It is important to remain vigilant on the way down, avoiding areas of powdery snow that may conceal cracks or rocks. It is also advisable not to rush and to take your time to enjoy the descent in complete safety.

What to do after skiing

As you may or may not know, Norway is famous for its magnificent Northern Lights. Sometimes you have to be patient and pay attention at the right time, but this is the place to see them!

Ask the local guides about when, how and where to see the most beautiful northern lights.

You can also find activities for the rest of your stay. For example, you could go kayaking in the evening, or spend a day out at sea watching the whales.

To sum up, the route to climb Mont Geitgallien by ski touring starts at the village of Kabelvåg. It follows the west combe and ends with an alpine ascent.

If you are unsure, ask a local guide to accompany you.

In general, it is strongly recommended that you are accompanied by a mountain professional. This could be a ski instructor specialising in off-piste skiing or a mountain guide. A number of organisations offer the services of such professionals, and organise ski trips to Lofoten, such as PowderWeGo.

PowderWeGo is an agency specialising in off-piste skiing, heli-skiing, ski-sailing and ski touring. It can take you to the four corners of the world.

For advice on how to get there, read our article on "How to get to Lofoten". You'll find all the main travel information there.

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