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Ski touring routes in the Lofoten Islands

The Lofoten Islands are located in northern Norway, close to the Arctic Circle. They offer spectacular scenery for ski touring. Steep mountains and deep fjords create a unique playground for adventure-seeking winter sports enthusiasts. Here are some of the best ski touring routes in the Lofoten Islands, accompanied by a professional.

Ski touring on Trolltindan

This iconic mountain offers breathtaking views of the surrounding fjords. Skiing at Trolltindan is popular thanks to the natural beauty of the area. What's more, access to the slopes is easy.

The route starts in Sørvågen and follows the Stuvdalen valley to the pass between Trolltindan and Storskiva. From there it's a steep climb to the summit. It requires some ski touring experience and a good level of fitness. The descent offers beautiful views of the Reinefjorden fjord.

It is advisable to ski with an experienced guide, as weather conditions are changeable and there is a risk of avalanches.

Ski touring on Offersøykammen

The mountain can be reached from the small town of Offersøy, about 30 minutes' drive from Svolvær. The start of the route is at the western end of Offersøy beach.

The climb is not very difficult and offers magnificent views of the sea and surrounding islands. The summit of Offersøykammen is flat and offers plenty of space for ski tourers. The descent is via the same route. This means that skiers of all abilities are catered for, from beginners to experienced skiers.

We recommend that you go ski touring with a guide and suitable equipment (avalanche transceiver, shovel, probe, ABS airbag, etc.).

Ski touring on Kvanndalstind

This mountain is located on the west coast of Moskenesøya and offers breathtaking views of the Kjerkfjorden fjord. The route starts at Buneset beach, where there is a small car park. The climb begins gently, becoming steeper as you approach the summit. The descent is quite steep and requires some ski touring experience.

This mountain is quite steep, which can be risky if you don't have enough experience. For this reason, we advise you to set off with a local guide to minimise the risks and ensure safety.

Ski touring on Hermannsdalstinden

This is the highest mountain in the Lofoten archipelago, with an altitude of 1029 metres. The route starts at Hermannsdalen, near the town of Sakrisøy.

The climb is steep and requires good physical condition and some ski touring experience. The summit offers panoramic views of the surrounding islands and the sea. The descent is via the same route.

You'll need to take the weather conditions into account and equip yourself accordingly. Wind and snow can be a problem. Safety equipment is also necessary to minimise risks.

We recommend skiing at Hermannsdalstinden during the winter season, as the snow is abundant and conditions favourable. You should also find out about any restrictions on skiing in the area. Check with the local authorities.

Ski touring on Breitind

This mountain is located on the west coast of Vestvågøya and offers breathtaking views over the Austnesfjorden fjord. The summit is more than 1,000 metres high. The route starts at Kvalvika beach, where there is a small car park.

The route begins with a signposted path. The climb begins on a gentle slope, becoming steeper as you approach the summit. The path is steep with steep sections. The descent is fairly steep and requires some ski touring experience.

Experienced skiers are required, as is a guide to minimise risk and ensure safety.

These ski touring routes are unforgettable experiences, to be enjoyed with family or friends. You'll also be able to discover and visit the islands' little-known villages.

It is important to note that ski touring in the Lofoten Islands is reserved for qualified and well-equipped skiers. Weather conditions can be unpredictable and slopes can be dangerous if not properly assessed. The steepness of some itineraries can make it difficult to progress.

It should be noted that these are the best-known routes. There are many other routes to discover in the Lofoten Islands that may surprise you.

It's also important to respect the planet and not leave any rubbish behind in these wild areas.

In general, we strongly recommend that you are accompanied by a mountain professional. This could be a ski instructor specialising in off-piste skiing or a high mountain guide. A number of organisations offer the services of such professionals, and organise ski trips to Lofoten, such as PowderWeGo.

PowderWeGo is an agency specialising in off-piste skiing, heli-skiing, ski-sailing and ski touring. It can take you to the four corners of the world.

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