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What is my skiing level on-piste ?

Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Here are a few clues to self-evaluate your on-piste skiing level :

1- Introduction /Rookie

This will be your first time on skis.

Do you know what ? You have good reasons to smile : In a lesson or two of practice, you will be able to go down your first runs.

A new and so exciting dimension in your life is about to dawn.


2 - Intermediate

You have been on skis before, and you are able to go down greens and blues, possibly using snowplough at some points.

You might be a little frightened of steep slopes.

You can let your confidence building up. The hardest part is behind you now, and most of the fun is ahead.


3 - Advanced

You can make wide and also short parallel turns on any slope from green to red.

You can possibly go down a black run, but you don't feel perfectly comfortable on it.

This is great already. From this point, we will be able so learn together how to ski moguls, how to do carving, and the Holy Graal of skiing, commence to ski off-piste.


4 - expert

On-piste skiing as for you not more than a few secrets left. You have a wide and rich experience. You enjoy steepness, you enjoy speed, you trace deep curves on any kind of groomed snow.

You wish to practice at a high level, to get advanced tips, and ski as many miles as you can in a day. It is probably time for you to go skiing further off-piste.



Option 1 - race skiing

Competition can be starting from a quite your age. Pre-teenagers can do it if they are good skiers.

It will teach them strong bases that will stay for their skiing lifetime.

Some will become champions, some will become free riders. Don't forget, if you can make turns in a slalom, you can do it anywhere.


Option 2 - Freestyle

This practice is great for the teenagers who are already good skiers, and bored with piste skiing and competition.

This exciting discipline can be practice in good conditions of safety, with the right equipment and a good coach.

It will also lead the young skiers to the backcountry freestyle practice, and to the love of the mountain natural environnement.


Option 3 - The holy Graal of skiing and snowboarding : Freeride skiing or boarding

This is the ultimate, endless, and very top practice of skiing. The range of ways to practice it is so wide, that a lifetime is not enough to explore it all.

Backcountry skiing from the lifts, with your friends or family, ski touring, ski tours with nights in mountain huts, ski and sailing above the polar circle, Heli-skiing, steep couloirs skiing... The possibilities are infinite.


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