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Can we ski in bad weather and fog?

Off-piste skiing can be an exhilarating experience, but it also comes with its own set of risks and challenges. One of the biggest challenges skiers face when skiing off-piste is dealing with bad weather conditions, especially heavy fog or thick clouds. In this blog post, we'll see if it's safe to ski off-piste in bad weather and what precautions to take to ensure your safety.

Above all, it is essential to understand that skiing off-piste in bad weather can be dangerous. Reduced visibility can make it difficult to see obstacles and hazards, such as ground movements, avalanche slabs, rock bars and crevices. In addition, snow conditions can change quickly in bad weather, leading to an increased risk of avalanches. It is therefore crucial to carefully assess the weather conditions before deciding to go off-piste skiing.

If you decide to ski off-piste in bad weather, there are several precautions to take to minimize the risks. First of all, make sure that you are skiing in a group and that everyone is equipped with the necessary safety equipment, in particular ABS® type avalanche airbag backpacks, ARVA (or DVA), shovels and probes. Make sure you have a communication plan in place and stick together as a group.

Second, it is crucial to know the terrain well and have a good understanding of the area you are skiing in. This includes knowing where potential hazards are, such as cliffs and rocks, and understanding how snow conditions can change with weather conditions.

Finally, it is always recommended to hire a guide who has experience skiing in the area and who can provide you with up-to-date information on weather conditions and safety hazards.

In conclusion, skiing off-piste in bad weather conditions can be dangerous, but it is possible to do it safely if you take the necessary precautions. Always carefully assess the weather conditions and be prepared with the right safety equipment and a group of experienced skiers. With good preparation and good planning, you can enjoy the sensations of off-piste skiing while minimizing the risks.

As far as we are concerned, when you take you skiing, in case of bad weather and fog, we have a number of protected routes to offer: hollow corridors where the presence of rocks contrasts the relief, low altitude routes , skiing in the forest where visibility is always good, and where the large spacing between the trees gives pride of place to the pleasure of drawing large curves.

In bad weather, we usually know how to give you excellent days of skiing.

But what about cloudy and snowy weather the day you booked a ski guide?

Keep in mind this is great news because:

- It's snowing. And that's always good for skiing.

- You will have a pro to guide you. And we know where to go.

- 80% of the best powder sessions are on snowy and foggy days.

- Chances are this session will be the best powder session of your life!

Our advice:

- Wear clear glasses, yellow if possible, to help bring out the outlines.

- Have a pair of sunglasses with you in case your goggles fog up.

You can start smiling.

We ski in all weathers!

Looking forward to sliding together.


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