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In case of bad weather & fog, do we ski ?

Updated: Aug 7, 2023

In case of bad weather and fog, we have a good number of protected routes to offer: sunken corridors where the presence of rocks contrast the relief, low altitude routes, skiing in forests where visibility is always good, and where the large spacing of the trees gives pride of place to the pleasure of drawing wide curves. In bad weather we generally know how to offer you excellent skiing days.

So what about a cloudy, snowy day on a day you have booked a ski-guide ?

Keep on mind that it is a great news because :

- It snows. And this is always a good thing for skiing.

- You'll have a pro guiding you. And we know where to go.

- 80% of the best powder sessions are on snowy and foggy days.

- There is a chance that this session will be your best powder session ever !

Our tips :

- Wear bright google, yellow if possible, to help bringing out the contours.

- Have a pair of sunglasses with you in case your google steams up.

You can start smiling.



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